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Description of EGP

Swedish schools has special educators and each municipality has support team that is responsible to ensure that all students receive basic support. When the municipality needs additional support, schools can apply for it at the National Agency for Special Education and schools. The Agency is the State’s supplementary support of Special Education issues for students with disabilities. APA is one of many areas in which the agency gives support. Support must be given equal and where there is a need for it, all over the country. The current situation is that about 10 persons (Advisors) is working to give support and advice in various degrees with issues related to APA. Efforts are that all students must achieve the objectives of education and offer an education that is characterized by equivalence, inclusion, accessibility and fellowship. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Salamanca Declaration and the UN Standard Rules for Persons with Disabilities is the basis for curriculum organization in Sweden. The education must therefore be inclusive and shall only in exceptional cases, take the forms of segregation.

An advisor in the agency provides support for educators and school management at individual, group and organizational level. Advice in the field of APA also includes consultation with educational publishers on the development of appropriate teaching material and in different development projects. The Authority also cooperates with various universities in courses and training related to APA and organizes and participates in courses, in-service training and conferences.

Skills and knowledge as an advisor within the Agency should have to provide special educational assistance in the APA are

  • Pedagogical strategies
  • Success Factors for an inclusive education in PE
  • Approaches and attitudes and Value issues
  • Movements impact for child and adolescent development and learning
  • Psychomotor Training
  • Approach, methodology and application in practice
  • Equipment and materials
  • Assessment and analysis

Efforts to provide advice and assistance in the field of APA are relatively new and are therefore still under development.

Relevance of EGP to EUSAPA project

This is an excellent example from Sweden with effort to provide the appropriate support of inclusive PE by trained and experiences specialist. Ideally these specialists should receive education, which would allow them to acquire all APE relevant competencies listed bellow.

EUSAPA competencies presented in this EGP

  1. Assess the needs (current level of performance) of students with special educational needs (SEN).
  2. Adapt school curriculum in physical education (PE) to meet the individual needs of all students with SEN.
  3. Plan developmentally appropriate learning experiences in APE and prepare teaching environment before arrival of student with SEN.
  4. Adapt teaching in order to meet the needs of ALL students in PE.
  5. Manage students’ behavior to assure the most appropriate and safe learning for ALL students in PE.
  6. Communicate with students with SEN to ensure their understanding and maximum participation. 57
  7. Evaluate learning progress of student with SEN in relation to his/her IEP goals.
  8. Evaluate the suitability of the curriculum adaptations to students with SEN and the effectiveness of applied teaching strategies.
  9. Collaborate with various relevant professionals and other advocates of students with SEN.
  10. Improve professional skills and knowledge.
  11. Advocate for the needs and rights of students with special educational needs.

Example of good practice was described by Lena Hammar, The National Agency for Special Education and schools.