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Description of EGP

The implementation of several Paralympic School Days in Greece was an excellent opportunity for the implementation of different kinds of activities/projects in Greece. Lately, in the frame of a PhD thesis a series of activities were implemented with High school students in the city of Serres in Greece. One (of the totals thirteen) is of a particular importance since it is conducted in the local community. This particular activity is entitled Reflecting through Art: Paint with us.

Goals of activity

  1. To cooperate with the local municipality in order to alter their policy towards the sensitisations of the citizens towards disability in general and disability sports in particular.
  2. To bring together young students with elderly individuals in order the first to become sensitive towards movement difficulties and recognise the value of sports.
  3. Students learn about Paralympic wheelchair sports for elite athletes with physical disabilities; students learn about road sports and the athletes with different disabilities who are eligible to participate.
  4. Elderly people will learn about sports for individuals with a disability or movement difficulties.

Environment: Outdoor activity within the city.
People involved in the activity: Art teacher, High school Students, elderly home residents, residential administration staff, university students.
Introduction to the activity: The art teacher provides the basic information regarding the Paralympic Games, wheelchair Paralympic sports, and Paralympic School Day Program.
Running the activity: The leader divides the group accordingly, assigns them with a particular task, helps them and guides them toward the outside of the sketch. Participants are asked to paint the wall holding
the brush with mouth or holding the brush with the fingers or their toes.
Assessment: Participants are invited to discuss with the art teacher and group leaders the value of the outcome of this activity towards themselves, towards the retiring home aesthetics, toward the city in general. 

Relevance of EGP to EUSAPA project

The Paralympic school day project mentioned in this EGP is an excellent example of an activity for preparing the environment for inclusive physical education. The follow up project “Reflecting through art” can help us to bring issues of disability sport into normal life of school and outcomes of such activity can become integral part of school environment.


EUSAPA competencies presented in this EGP

  1. Ability to advocate for equal provision of PE for all students
  2. Ability to advocate for the rights of students with SEN for participation in PE/APE (e.g., support services, adapted equipment)
  3. Ability to collaborate with sport organisations, relevant professional organisations for persons withdisabilities
  4. Ability to collaborate with parents/guardians of students with SEN
  5. Ability to collaborate with Non-Governmental and governmental organisations (e.g., in children rights)

Example of good practice was described by Christina Evaggelinou from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Physical Education and Sports Science – Serres, Greece.